As part of baby-stepping our way into a Christmas inspired more by minimalism than the holiday aisles at Costco, I decided the kitchen needed room to function as a work space more than a display space. We retired the kitchen Christmas tree with the popcorn garland, cooking-themed ornaments, and homemade gingerbread men, but I wanted the kitchen, where I spend a lot of time, to still feel festive. I also wanted space to roll out cookies without moving a million tchotchkes from the island to the table and back. I streamlined with just a few things that can be easily moved to the side. My chef Santa from our over-the-top years of collecting watches over the gnomes peeking out of house-shaped lantern and the ever-depleting jar of red and green M & Ms. My youngest made the gingerbread house at a “cozy” party over the weekend, and it rounds out the kitchen island vignette. It’s also the only place that we’re pretty sure Oliver the tricky golden doodle can’t reach it.

Check back tomorrow for a lot less of everything and kitchen sink!

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