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A Glow-up for Grown-ups

Live like you love yourself Social media seems to be filled with instructions and plans for how to have a glow-up, a plan that seems to focus on how to be more attractive, fit, organized, nicer, and hydrated. I’m a woman of “a certain age,” however, and I need more than 64 ounces of water to glow these days. And the glow I’m really … Read More A Glow-up for Grown-ups

Never look a pandemic gift horse in the mouth

It’s day 969,459,399,218 of lockdown, or a year in to these “unprecedented times” and I’m trying to find the silver lining of 12 months of upended plans, constant worry, and So. Many. Dishes. I came up with my gratitude list and some new recipes that came out of the pandemic. Absolutely, what I’m most grateful for is that my family has not gotten sick….at … Read More Never look a pandemic gift horse in the mouth

Wine lovers’ gift guide, updated for 2020!

As someone who is often accused of being impossible to buy for, I give you my definitive list of gift ideas for people who like to drink wine. So pour yourself a glass, and pop open a browser for some socially distanced last minute gifts for those on your nice list. At the time of writing everything was in stock! Happy shopping! Kleenite glass … Read More Wine lovers’ gift guide, updated for 2020!

+ ideas for holiday at home

A very pandemic holiday

On day 589,259,758,798,592 of quarantine, it is time to break out a little holiday cheer with my vote for best Christmas movie of all time—“How the Grinch Stole Christmas” (of course the 1966 version!) and let’s celebrate with Grinch’corn, a festive snack of popcorn with covered in melted candy and some M & M’s, and Grinch punch and Grinchtinis, themed drinks for kids and … Read More A very pandemic holiday


“What’s for dinner?” *Sisyphus Edition, part I

    Even without lockdown orders, I cook a lot at home—and, ok, it is because it kills me to pay for the triple or quadruple restaurant markup for wine, but I really thought that I was in a consistent routine for meals and meal planning. And then I had to feed six of us every day, three times a day for weeks on … Read More “What’s for dinner?” *Sisyphus Edition, part I

Do you drink red or white with motherhood?

This is a re-post from a couple of years ago, but living with my four adult and almost-adult children for the last two months in lockdown, I had a couple of thoughts to add. Before Covid-19, I always thought the goal of raising kids was to help them learn to live on their own. I realized it is just as important that at the … Read More Do you drink red or white with motherhood?

Quarantine cooking : Ham and bean soup

Being cooped up with family for a month, and I’ve learned two things. First, I now know why the women are always scowling in every photo from any time that predates families not having to eat EVERY SINGLE meal at home—–the never-ending parade of dirty dishes and a kitchen that never closes can really turn you into a grouch. They probably knew that whilst … Read More Quarantine cooking : Ham and bean soup


Namaste #athome

Right before the COVID-19 pandemic, I spent some time at the Miraval Resort ( in Austin, Texas and was blown away by the facilities, classes—everything from yoga to meditation to line dancing to Texas two-step– and the mindfulness philosophy that imbued everything from the food selections, rooms, and device rules. I arrived home ready to revamp my life with a commitment to attending daily … Read More Namaste #athome

Sorry, Kermit. It is easy being green.

I’ve been battling plastic in our house for a few years now. It started with the number of half-empty water bottles four kids could leave strewn about the house (and rolling around my SUV). The other thing that killed me was the wasted flavored waters like Propel that were opened and never finished—so much money just being poured down the drain. I initially tried … Read More Sorry, Kermit. It is easy being green.

Making a list and checking it twice: getting ready for a European family vacation

How I packed for a family of six for a two week vacation to Italy.

Go ahead, rose´ all day!

Updated for 2019! Head to head Italian Rosé is light, crisp, and very drinkable. It is lovely on its own, and will complement food wonderfully. I was introduced to Head to Head at a rosé tasting and it was served with a corn fritter—the wine held up to the savoriness of the fried batter and balanced the sweetness of the corn. Chåteau de Bergun … Read More Go ahead, rose´ all day!

No Pinot for you!

We’ve just returned from our fourth trip to Napa and our first time venturing deep into Sonoma County. So much wine and food, and it seems like the more you go, the more places you discover to visit on your next trip! Thursday On our last trip to Napa, snarled Friday night traffic dashed our dreams of hitting the retail store at Shafer Vineyards … Read More No Pinot for you!