is for Apothic wine that you should never, ever drink, unless you like your Swiss Miss spiked with rubbing alcohol.

B is for bottles of wine that you should save to help commemorate good times.

is for corked, which you don’t want your wine to be-unless your into wet cardboard aromas

is for Del DottoWinery that I want to make fun of for their pretentious, imported Italian cave, but their wine is soooo good.

is for Extra-Dry, the champagne preference of the under-aged and your mother-in-law.

is for full-bodied wine and how Napa Cabs roll.

is for Gallo wine, most likely where we all started.

is for half-bottle foolishness, when is 375ml ever enough?

is for indecently priced wine lists—really, $39 for Cupcake?!?

is for JohnFucking Caldwell and his Prometheus-like smuggling clone gift to us all.

is for Kalon–where you go To for some of the best Cabs in Napa.

is for LeftBank Bordeaux that have power and elegance and cost a lot.

M is for Muga, a great Spanish wine with lots of cedar notes.

is for Napa, of course!

O is for Oenophilia, which while harder to spell, sounds nicer than borderline alcoholism.

is for phylloxera, an evil aphid that eats the souls of wine lovers and the roots of grape vines.

is for OnQ which makes great wines in Coombsville.

is for refrigeration and is the secret ingredient to enjoying grocery store wine.

is for sommelier who should be an expert in wine, and not an asshole

T  is for terroir which is important for understanding that where a grape grows affects its taste and the wine that is created, but when I have to say it, still makes me feel like the priest in A Princess Bride

is for ullagewhich is where the wine used to be at.

is for vineyards that are as beautiful to look at as they are necessary to our survival

is for wax seals that you drill though with a corkscrew, not send yourself to the emergency room with a stab wound to the palm while trying to cut through the wax.

is for the xs formed in wooden crossbars of crates to store wine.

is for yeast which makes grape juice so happy and pretty.

is for Zinfandel and why that pizza tastes so damn good.

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