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Wines that I love for all my cheap friends to buy me.

Buying an estate-grown Napa cab or 1st growth Bordeaux isn’t hard, it just takes gobs of cash. Finding a great wine without bankrupting myself or my friends, is a challenge, albeit a fun one. Here’s this week’s look at cheap shit I love Under $10 It ain’t wine, but it is Missoni! I found these awesome little bottles of DiSaronno all dressed up in … Read More Wines that I love for all my cheap friends to buy me.

Gift Guide for the Napacalypse

As someone who is often accused of being impossible to buy for, I give you my definitive list of gift ideas for people who like to drink wine. Kleenite glass cleaner because sometimes there’s more wine than clean-up at the end of the night. It works wonderfully on glasses and decanters. I ordered my bottle from Amazon. A drying rack for stemmed glasses and … Read More Gift Guide for the Napacalypse

Thanksgiving on a different pitch

Thanksgiving was always a dream holiday for me–a homebody–I didn’t have to go anywhere, recipes are predictable (and there’s always premade gravy), no gift-giving angst, and most amazing of all, everyone volunteers to help with the dishes. I love to cook and after 20 or so turkeys dressed and in the oven, I learned every trick to roasting the perfect bird, including a bag … Read More Thanksgiving on a different pitch

A History of Marriage in 6 Glasses

A retrospective of drinking and marriage.

Napacalypse III : Return of the Cab King

A chance to taste a mind-boggling selection of early twentieth-century Bordeaux precipitated our most recent visit to Napa when we received a backdoor invitation to a rare wine dinner in Napa. We knew the dinner would be on a Saturday night, but we struggled with how long to spend in Napa because of three youngest daughters had the potential to be in playoff games the … Read More Napacalypse III : Return of the Cab King

Napacalypse II : So Many Cabs, So Little Time

We delayed Napacalypse II until 2016 and returned a little jaded, but how could we know that our first trip had just scratched the surface of what Napa had to offer. Once again we sampled both public and private tours, and found great wines everywhere. Shafer The day of we went to Shafer was ungodly hot and we declined the vineyard tour, plus this … Read More Napacalypse II : So Many Cabs, So Little Time

Searching for the Perfect Cab : a Weekend in Napa

Before my first visit to Napa Valley in 2014, the extent of my wine sleuthing was at Vino Volo in the airport and Total Wine. And, not gonna lie, I still love them, but they could not have prepared me for the beauty of the Napa Valley, the intimacy of meeting the winemakers, and, of course, the amazing wine wherever we went. Our trip, … Read More Searching for the Perfect Cab : a Weekend in Napa

Be Like Wine

Last week, I was horrified by the hellish images of flames ravaging California and checked the status updates of wine country Instagrammers like teenagers tracking their Insta likes. My heart sunk as they shared their worries and photos of the encroaching fire and smoke, and yet, in the midst of the fear and fire, there were posts of residents helping both neighbors and strangers. … Read More Be Like Wine

Hosting the Imperfect Wine Dinner

    There are books, websites, magazines, infographics, even an entire profession devoted to selecting the perfect wine that will turn a meal into a foray into the sublime. It’s intimidating. I kind of know what kind of wines I like and as a home cook, I kind of know what dishes I can reasonably cook for a crowd. We (my husband) invited 3 … Read More Hosting the Imperfect Wine Dinner

Grill me like one of your French girls

When the air turns crisp and the bugs finally go to wherever bugs go when it gets cold, I think to myself, “I should make getting dinner ready harder than it already is between practices, games, and never-ending errands–let’s cook in the outdoor fireplace tonight!” For my foray into pre-industrial revolution cooking, I was feeling like roasted artichokes, lamb burgers with goat cheese, sweet … Read More Grill me like one of your French girls

Warning: Homemaking while drinking

If I love anything more than drinking wine and homemaking, it is scouring Pinterest and the downloading the self-help section of Amazon while drinking wine. I’m seduced the images of laundry rooms and pantries sanitized of any evidence of commercial containers, mesmerized by the thousands of pins about minimalism (ironic, right?), flabbergasted by all the frugal and crazy, I mean clever, ways to save … Read More Warning: Homemaking while drinking